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Ceiling Coating

why coating?

  • The cost of coating is 80% LESS than replacement, saving you money.

  • No disruption in business: The process is done overnight or during "off peak" hours without having to move furniture.

  • Our patented coating lasts longer than factory finishes.  So not only will you save money but it will last longer!

  • Restoration takes 1/3 of the time of replacement.

  • Tiles, grid, and vents are all coated; giving your space a uniform and clean look.

  • Increases brightness due to the reflective nature of the sav-a-ceiling coating, potentially decreasing your energy costs by allowing you to use lower wattage bulbs. (Please see lab testing specifications page for more details.)

  • Coating can be tinted to any color, allowing you to change your business' image without losing the acoustical value of your ceiling.  You cannot paint acoustical ceilings.

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